Monday, 29 October 2012

Hack #1 Broken Nail

Broken Nail? One of those awkward, horrible splits that catches on everything, goes into the nail bed and hurts like chipping the red sole on your Louboutins?  This is where false nail glue is your friend- skip the 'apply nail polish and toilet tissue' routine.  Nail Glue.  Apply the glue into the crack, then split a 2 ply sheet of toilet tissue.  Add a small square of the split toilet tissue to the nail, just over the crack.  Apply more false nail glue and leave to dry.  Next add a coat of (preferably) clear nail polish, to seal.  This nail will hold for several weeks in normal cases.  You can put coloured polishes over the top, but the rock hard dressing will be affected if you use nail polish remover on it.

The bonus is it will strengthen the nail, and allow the nail to grown back underneath without catching on clothes and ripping further!

(For info, the Boot's nail glue is the cheapest I've found and costs £2.50.  Lasts ages :) (link)

More hacks to come so stay tuned :)


  1. That's a great tip! I used to use superglue in the past (yep, I know, VERY glamourous), but I like your idea better. x

    1. Superglue is a good idea if all else fails! But can be a bit lumpy when it dries. Thanks for sharing that tip :) xx


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