Thursday, 3 January 2013

Secret Sales : Slendertone

I just through I would give you a heads up about Secret Sales.  They currently have the slendertone toning systems on their site (which I reviewed HERE)- a great way to tone up while also being able to do other things like washing up, ironing, emails- reading your favorite blogs?!

If you are not familiar with then they are a sort of bulk buy website (which then passes the discount on to the customer).  However with this one you know what will appear in advance, you place your order when the sale is open.  Once the sale is closed the item is ordered and sent.  They have had some great designer makeup and beauty items on there, not to mention shoes (I think I saw some Christan Louboutins recently!) so worth signing up (for free) and looking!

Have you used this website?  Can you recommend any others?